1. jobhr

    “Chance favors the prepared mind.” Pasteur

    Lincoln Riley was a walk-on, too, so he was willing to give Mayfield a chance. OU’s had a history of elevating walk-on players during the Stoops era.

    Also, Riley had taken other unheralded talents to heights.It isn’t out of the question that some of the Sooners offensive success could have occurred with someone else taking snaps.

    Furthermore, you’ve stated OU’s running game has developed in devastating fashion under Riley. Isn’t this a crucial part of there number one offenses also?

    Stoops is the central figure in the Big 12 in this century. If Mayfield went to UT, he still wouldn’t have time to through in the pocket and would have had lousy offensive coordinators.

    If you want to pick a player, maybe AD who chose OU over UT.

    • ianaboyd

      Mayfield wasn’t some walk on that needed a chance, anyone would have wanted him on the roster after what he did at tech even if his ceiling wasn’t clear yet.

      Mayfield didn’t always have good protection at OU, in 2015 the OL was not very good until the end of the year basically. He gutted out a win against Tennessee early on with bad blocking and made plays in other games outside of the pocket.

      As great as the Sooner scheme has been, it’s always been built around Mayfield’a ability to make reads and accurate throws or runs. He wasn’t just the product of Riley’s creativity, he was a major influence on their game plans and system.

      AD going to OU over Texas didn’t have anywhere near the impact you’d have guessed. Didn’t get OU a title and didn’t stop Texas from getting one.

      Most pivotal figure of the century is strong, of this decade though? Probably accurate.

      • jobhr

        Mayfield is only the THIRD lightly regarded high school QB to go on to huge success at OU (Heupel and Bradford before him).

        With the baggage that he was carrying, Mayfield was far less intriguing than you’re recalling. In addition, remember, Baker landed at OU just after the Sooners beat Alabama and Knight was being toasted by many (including you).

        You’re also forgetting recent posts YOU’VE made about Riley’s contribution to strategy and development of Mayfield’s replacement. This level of cognitive dissonance is only acceptable in high public office.

        OU beat Tennessee in 2015 because one of the Vols DE got hurt. That was the inflection point in the game. Re-watch the game.

        When you think about OU offense historically, the running back position has been amazing. Early in the Stoops era, this wasn’t the case. Quentin Griffin was an afterthought as a recruit, despite his success vs the Horns. AD was the first high profile RB brought in by the Sooners and was Demarco Murray’s idol, and this got the Sooners back in the market for bigtime RB talent.

        Just as importantly, this was one of the few big early recruiting wins for Stoops over Brown for a Texas high school player. AD serves as the example for OU still when they want to point to the success Texas HS’ers can have north of the river.

        Of course, AD didn’t win a title (Mayfield didn’t win one either).

        Ian, it’s good that you interact with posters on your site. It’s good when you go out on a limb. It’s also good when you acknowledge that your limb is weak. It prevents nasty falls.

        • ianaboyd

          Lightly regarded QBs have success everywhere, it’s not an OU thing it’s a QB thing.

          Knight’s game proved fools gold, whether the coaches knew that or not is hard to say but they sure didn’t have a problem bringing in a guy with B12 starting experience to compete with him and Bell.

          It’s not as simple as “oh it’s that Riley is a genius” or that “oh Mayfield carried all the water.” Lots of great coaches have struggled when they don’t have good pupils, good pupils have languished without coaching. OU had both, I think both Riley and Mayfield are exceptional.

          Vols may have had an injury but Mayfield gritted that win out with improv.

          My central point is that Mayfield was a massive game changer for OU, who otherwise would have necessarily had to make do with someone worse, and for Texas who badly needed his talent and leadership. I don’t see how that’s really controversial.

  2. Will

    Mayfield played for two national titles. Went 0-2 but he’s the only Big 12 QB to play for one since…I dunno, the last of Bradford or Mccoy/Gilbert?

    And that’s with Mike Stools defenses! I hated the guy but loved being able to “root” for him when OU was carrying the Big 12 flag. His legacy isn’t perfect, but he played QB well enough to at least be 14-0. It’s unfathomable to me that OU would have been nearly as terrifying without him.

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