1. Clayton Davis

    OU will probably move Evans to LT and bring Samia back from RG to RT, where he won some starts as a freshman.

  2. Clayton Davis

    Not really sure who starts at center. Senior Alvarez is a veteran and has filled in some at guard along the way, but a lot of people were pretty high on Creed Humphrey coming in as a true freshman last season. Wren will be hard to replace though.

    • ianaboyd

      Center seems like it’ll be in good shape between those two options. LT seems the bigger issue, or RT if they move Evans over.

      If they have to slide Evans to LT and Samia out to RT I bet they probably have depth at guard but that’s probably a weaker OT tandem, talent-wise, than if one of their young mammoths has his horns in and ready to go.

      • Clayton Davis

        It would be nice to have Walker or Simpson already ready to go at RT, or one of the remaining reserves from last year ready to step up.

    • Jonathan Grant

      Creed Humphrey will be OU’s best OL next year. He might would have been last season had he not redshirted.

      • ianaboyd

        That seems unlikely, some of the returning starters are quite good, but I remember he was super talented outta HS.

  3. Coach B

    Ian, slightly off topic from the current thread of comments, but it’d be helpful if you had a write up or flow-chart/timeline of all of the different scheme/offensive philosophies you’ve written about. You’ve written a lot about the various spread offenses, spread vs. pro concepts, veer n’ shoot vs spread, smashmouth-spread, air raid, Gulf Coast Offense, etc. I was just curious as to how you intended to connect the dots between the various schemes you’ve broken down or at least what differentiates all of them.

    Good write up though

    • ianaboyd

      Rein in my sprawling taxonomy with precision and links? Sounds like a lot of work but probably worth the effort.

      I’ll make a note to try and see if I can detail some stuff out.

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