1. System Poster

    For all the talk of UT and ISU stealing Holgo’s defense, the first time I remember seeing a team play dime with cloud quarters coverage for virtually an entire game was 2016 TCU vs. Texas Tech, for instance, here: https://youtu.be/nNBATDP6yOY

    TCU’s version was even more extreme, often times they wouldn’t even bother to put their ends inside at the 4i and would just leave one or both in the five gap or in a wide 7, probably owing to how poor Tech’s 2016 line was at run blocking.

    I’ve been told that ISU ran the same defense against Tech later that year, but I missed the game live and didn’t go back and watch it for obvious reasons. I didn’t follow ISU or TCU closely enough to know if they deployed the defense against other teams, but it would be interesting if the birth of the base dime defense was a response to Pat Mahomes and Tech’s weird 2016 offense.

    • ianaboyd

      The key was turning it from an anti-tech package into a base defense that Iowa State played against Memphis when the Tigers were in 12 personnel.

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