1. Visiting Tiger

    You should probably add Jim Leonhard (current Wiscy DC) as an offshoot of Aranda. He GA’d under Aranda at Wisconsin, was their DB coach the year Aranda left (Wilcox was DC), then took over. Same defense (I think), although given his NFL background he coaches the DBs and not the linebackers like so many of the guys on this tree.

    • ianaboyd

      Oh yeah maybe. Leonhard also played and developed with the Ryan bros, who influenced this scheme anyways.

  2. Ryan

    How do you think the meta will shift in the Big 12?

    Your hypothesis is that Bash Bros have natural advantages against the current Raid Bro meta. What happens when that shifts? The kind of talent will be come less available and what do you change to have a better chance against other Bash Bros?

    I think this is a reactive cycle but will be advantageous to the elite Raid Bros as it shifts

    • ianaboyd

      I think the Raid Bros will just adapt their approach to practice culture and defense and keep on chugging along. They won’t go away, or else they’ll be replaced by people that have taken a lot of their methods and just maintained more of a focus on physicality, like Patterson has done.

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