1. Scooter

    This is phenomenal. I learn more about the game of football in each of your pieces. Gracias.

  2. Bowman

    Awesome article, Ian. Reminds me of something Aaron Rodgers said regarding beating the blitz a few years ago. To paraphrase- “if you want to beat the blitz, have less guys in protection.”

    I think Chris Brown over at SmartFootball talked about it.

    • ianaboyd

      Yeah I remember that. The idea was to make it easier to find the open guy and get the ball out in space past all the committed rushers.

      Abiding by that principle has killed the fire zone blitz in the B12.

  3. Will

    Interesting write up Ian. This is actually how the NCCA video games work(ed, sigh). Typically in a dynasty league, the computer will start with a defense meant to counter what you best (with out a lot of detail, it’s defenses are basically anti-run, anti-short pass, anti-deep pass) and you have to beat it a few times with your lesser approach before it would give you room to execute your strength.

    Baylor is a great example of the application of game theory on offense. But, at least sometimes, the blitz was exactly what you needed to disrupt that offense. But what you are talking about with UT, it sounds like you would either need a disruptive DT or disruptive CB to really break the flow here while the rest of the d follows it assignments rather than a blitz.

    Since this is a punt year for WVU, I am interested to see what the UT offense is going to look like. You’ve written enough to capture my interest. I know it’s preseason, but are there any particular players or schemes in the Big 12 that you’ve identified as potentially problematic for this approach?

    • ianaboyd

      Iowa state’s system is designed to take these RPOs away and be able to close on the runs so that will be an interesting matchup. But I think Texas will be happy to pound away with them, they did last time and used Ehlinger to finish drives until his shoulder was reaggravated.

      Anyone who hasn’t adjusted their D to be pass first and who doesn’t have a front who can hold up with an honest box is going to be in big trouble.

      A lot hinges on how good the Texas OL proves to be. If they make another leap then they’ll bury most teams much like Oklahoma has done.

  4. Tat Whitley

    Incredible insights yet again, Ian. Really fun article to read and it’ll be fun to evaluate how defenses will cater to this, and then how Beck/Herman will adapt mid-season. Lets predict a loaded box from OU that gets torn up by CJ and Duvernay in the first half and then run gashed 2nd half after adjustments.

  5. Glenn

    Great stuff Ian.

    The three articles together really gave me a great feel of things to watch for this year.


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