• ianaboyd

      Throwing the ball around on a squad with one fewer defenders with eyes on a receiver.

      Teams don’t spy Ehlinger often, maybe on 3rd down it’d be useful be he doesn’t rely on his scrambling in the passing game. He’ll happily take the extra time to find a WR.

  1. […] Teams will need to figure out how to stop OSU’s run game from finding space without giving up easy reads and throws to Tylan Wallace. Pretty tough but doable. This is exactly the sort of offense that I spent the offseason arguing that TCU could use to win 10 games if they could find a QB to execute it. OSU can run that offense, their issue is that they don’t have a D of TCU’s caliber. [Concerning Sports] […]

  2. System Poster

    Not sure that Texas Tech will be as up to testing the OU secondary as they would have been with last year’s offense. Even UTEP with its mediocre defensive backs was able to match up fairly well in man coverage with no receivers capable of punishing single high safety or zero coverage looks. Donta Thompson (or Koontz when they play him) can easily be handled by a linebacker in coverage. I think OU could run out this look on defense and have enough success slowing us down to outscore us by 14+ points.

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