1. Will

    The Kansas-Oklahoma states game is of most interest to me. We will get a real good sense of where K-State is, particularly with Mississippi State taking on Auburn too. They seem like the lead candidate for best Big 12 team with a first year coach.

    • ianaboyd

      Yeah, first year Klieman is threatening to run away with that distinction. We’ll see how Wells does though, tech still has a lot of pieces I think.

  2. Clayton Davis

    “Things snowball in college football when an offense breaks a defense, like when an army is flanked and rolled up. You get panic and the victory can really be maximized.”

    OU broke Tech’s defense in the first 2 drives. In retrospect, this preview reads a little like your preview of the Houston game, and the FAU game from the year before. Something like: the defense has some good players and time to prepare, so let’s see if they can hold serve for awhile and give their offense a chance to keep up with OU.

    • ianaboyd

      Yup, in each event they just got overwhelmed.

      Tech’s decision to start with Tyner rather than Duffey was clearly a mistake.

      • Clayton Davis

        Tyner was god awful. Duffey wasn’t a lot better, but he gave the Oklahoma O another option to think about. Still, OU’s D has progressed to the point where putting in your backup QB against them is actually a negative.

        • ianaboyd

          Week to week I’m seeing Alex Grinch adjust his gameplan to try and get his guys in positions to have a chance to matchup with opponents and force them to play left handed. His guys aren’t all that good (some are) but he’s giving them some chances.

  3. Richard Kennedy

    “A smarter take is that Gundy, who’s been crafting elite offenses with 3-star players in Stillwater for a decade or so now, is running the sorts of plays and gameplans that allow a young athlete like Sanders to get on the field faster and before he has the system mastered like 2017 Mason Rudolph.”

    Mason Rudolph started as a Freshman and so did Bobby Reid in Gundy’s first year.


    • ianaboyd

      Smarter than the take that says that Gundy is holding his own team back by how he’s using Spencer Sanders.

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