1. Philly Frog

    Was impressed by Braun.

    Low gravity, keeps leverage, is mobile and moves off combo blocks with panache. You could almost see him as a heavy H.

    A little light though.

    • ianaboyd

      The Texas OL was great in that game. I think they’ll have a lot of games where whoever lines up at RB is gifted a path to 100-rushing but maybe more importantly they do a good job of protecting Ehlinger.

      The empty formation is a trump card for Texas this year.

  2. Brandon

    Big 12 is going to be fun to watch this year (when is it not?). I like a 3-team race between OSU, Texas, and OU. Heck, might be able to throw another two teams (Iowa State and TCU).

    Speaking about OSU, not sure I’m ready to commit to the Sanders hype train. Dru Brown looks like the better “quarterback” at the moment, even if Sanders is probably the better overall player due to his game-changing athleticism. I guess we’ll see against Tulsa and especially against Texas.

    But Oklahoma State’s skill players, namely Hubbard and Wallace, are unreal.

    Think I’ll check out your book now.

    • ianaboyd

      I haven’t seen Brown yet but Sanders has a strong and accurate arm when he’s throwing to a spot. So long as they can get him doing that it’s hard to see him failing to be the most effective option because of his running. If nothing else it’s good to have a steady back up when you have a running QB though.

      Hope you enjoy the book!

  3. Eliseo

    I have two questions. 1. Do you think Todd Orlando will be fired? 2. If Todd Orlando is fired who would realistically replace him?

      • Eliseo

        It is very early in the season, and things could turn around. However this is a very talented defense coordinated by a guy who cannot defend against Big 12 offense, and nothing shown so far makes me believe that’s going to change. I get that this defense is young, but youth did blitz on 3rd and 17.

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