1. Brandon

    Oklahoma State fans would rather believe that Sanders is being held back by the staff than believe that Sanders is still a redshirt freshman who doesn’t have good grasp of the offense.

    Personally I don’t understand why OSU hasn’t tested Dru Brown some. Seeing their offense limp along because the QB is pretty terrible at passing (at least in the realm of making reads and decisions) is… startling? They look like 2014 OSU, only their QB is explosive with his feet, they have an actual competent offensive line, and generational skill player talent.

    I never bought into Sanders. After Oregon State I immediately saw cause for concern. That got exposed against Texas, and once again vs KState.

    I think there is still some hope (in terms of competing with Oklahoma, Baylor, and Iowa state for a CCG slot down the stretch), but that hope dwindles with every terrible interception he throws.

  2. matthew williamson

    Curious about something..do you know how a defense calls a disguised coverage? Do they basically call in a “look” and then an actual “coverage”?

        • Philly Frog


          In some sets, a guy may have authority to flutter without being told. Kind of like a baseball hitter may have standing permission to swing on a three-ball pitch.

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