1. Andrew


    Thanks again for another excellent write-up!

    One thing I noticed was that OU and UT play I St a week prior to playing BU. BU is similar enough to I St in regards to their D and a little bit on O. Do you think that will provide additional insight to the BU coaching staff and is it enough for game planning purposes?

    BU gets back a good O-lineman, but he’s still getting his footing so while I’m sure it’ll be an upgrade, I don’t know how much. The coaching staff has kept some red shirts off the field until the end of the season along with some injured players. Apparently, there are some good ones on O that will provide extra wrinkles against OU’s D. Conversely, I’m wondering what red shirts OU will plan on playing and will they provide them any dividends?

    BU’s D will play more sound and at least slow down OU for BU’s O to finally get in the game. BU’s O did well against I St’s and K St D, which are superior to OU’s D, I’m hoping they’ll wake up in the 1st quarter! If that happens, this will be a heck of a game for BU. However, word on the street is that CB is playing through some ailments, if so I hope he can give us a shot. Otherwise GB is next man up and he’s been under wraps with how close we’ve been playing teams in our conference.

    A lot of people point to the TU, but considering they are a top D unit that always seems to get up for BU’s and UT’s O, I doubt it’s an indication of anything that OU can bring to the table. However, BU has played hard and close. It’ll help them mentally with these next 2 games, but not sure how well they’ll hold up physically. However, I will take BU’s physically tough team over OU and UT.


    • ianaboyd

      I think the real winner in the schedule format is Texas. At least in the order, getting to play ISU and Baylor immediately after OU, playing them both on the road is less helpful. It’s tough for Baylor facing these two back to back in this stretch but it could be worse. I do think they can glean a lot from how Iowa St defends each team.

      “However, word on the street is that CB is playing through some ailments”

      Yeah that’s clear. He has to put something extra in his windup to get the ball down the field and it’s throwing off his timing.

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