1. Brandon

    I think without a doubt Brown’s ongoing thumb injury (throwing hand) impaired some of his throws. Not sure if you came away with the same observation during the game, but he is wearing some tape on his thumb and it’s quite well known he’s injured. Is that why he struggled Saturday? I don’t know.

    He’s made better plays down the field in garbage time against other teams, including KU, that make me think he can get it done. He’s also capable of busting an 8 yard run here or there. I don’t know if WVU was a fair assessment of his capability. I really don’t haha. But reality comes calling in a few days nonetheless.

    I certainly feel more confident in this Bedlam game than the last two. Sure would love to cap off this year 9-3.

    • ianaboyd

      I didn’t realize he was hurt, he definitely didn’t seem even as good as the guy I saw at Hawaii.

      At any rate, the guy coming off that WVU game doesn’t give me confidence going up against OU.

      • ianaboyd

        I should clarify. He’s clearly learned some things at OSU, but his arm strength and mobility looked lesser against WVU than I remember from Hawaii.

  2. Brandon

    Ian, if you don’t mind, what tools/program are you using to draw up your diagrams? I’m doing my own Bedlam preview for a site I frequent and I’d love to use what you’re using for illustrations.

    • ianaboyd

      I use google sheets. There’s a few different tools for creating shapes and I make all mine starting from an old one so I can avoid making all the shapes and letters again.

  3. brandon

    Turns out no one on the team was up for the challenge of beating OU. Not the defensive or offensive fronts, that’s for sure. Brown player admirably. That said, each year this sport gets more boring to watch. Not sure how anyone in this league other than UT can compete with Riley at OU.

    • ianaboyd

      The rest of the league was down as well. The way you topple a team like OU is with superior QB play and most every team was a year away from that.

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