1. Brandon

    With teams like LSU adopting flyover country football strategies, I wonder what the Big 12’s next innovation will need to be.

    Thinking from a market perspective, how does the market adapt? How do smaller programs like Oklahoma State or Oklahoma adapt to keep up with SEC heavyweights now turning to the (modern) spread?

    Macro level changes to the game is an underrated fascinating aspect of the sport. Linking spread innovations to the market shortfalls of the Big 12 is eye opening. So it naturally leads you to wonder what is next in terms of innovation in flyover land.

    Another interesting piece would be just why Saban struggles so much against these spread offenses. Does he really “struggle” against them, or is he just like the rest of the CFB world in that they give up more points and yards against these more advanced/new age offenses? Is it a Saban problem or is it just part of the game I guess?

    From what I remember, Saban is a big pattern matching cover 3 guy. Is he still that way? Would make sense that an offense like LSU’s can pick that apart.


    There’s no way MSU fires Dantonio, but he may be strong-armed into hiring a completely new offensive staff. MSU – Hire Mike Yurcich!

    • ianaboyd

      I think we’re still seeing the beginning of what spread Os can look like. They can keep getting more intense.

      Saban’s problem is complexity. His schemes are fine but he wants to run things from the sideline and have tons and tons of answers while spread spacing and tempo make the game simpler for his opponents. His old boss Belichik tries to build simple gameplans while working with professionals.

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