1. Buddy

    Hahaha! Noticed Clemson’s shift to the Inverted Tampa Two as well, thanks in no small part to your book and articles. I was the smartest person in the bar Saturday night.

    Having said that, Geaux Tigaz!

  2. Brandon

    I was laughed at and mocked by a Clemson fan about Iowa State and the Big 12 leading the charge in defensive innovation. So fitting that Clemson’s comeback victory was led in part by a switch to….. none other than the inverted Tampa 2. Lol

    Side note: it’s really scary what these big time programs like LSU can do with a modern spread system. I need to become a fan of a big boy school before all the small schools are left in the dust, haha.

  3. Brandon

    Also a side note: with all of this said, it seems prudent (or likely) that Clemson comes out with an IT2 look. Forcing LSU to rely on their running game. I like Clemson’s chances if they can do that.

    • Burrow seems too confident, Brady too. Hopefully Burrow doesn’t recognize coverages with Venebles disguising them so well and Burrow throws a few picks Fields threw one pick all season and threw four that should have been picks against Clemson, as two were dropped even though they were in the hands of the db’s.

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