1. Matt

    Baylor dropped 8 quite a bit in the 3rd and 4th quarter and Brooks killed them with check downs. They also used some sort of Hurts keeper with a lead blocker against drop 8. I guess they could ply drop 8 and tell everyone to stay shallower?

      • Matt

        Last year you called for defenses to pressure Kyler but they routinely chose to drop 8. This year you’re calling for the reverse with Hurts. What about them is different that would call for those differing approaches?

        • ianaboyd

          Murray is more comfortable in the pocket (or the pocket he’d create deep in the backfield) and more dangerous throwing down the field. He could scramble around and still beat you down the field. It was super hard to get to him and hurry him into bad decisions without pressure.

          Hurts isn’t going to kill you by buying time for forever and then hitting someone down the field. Murray had the legs and arm to make the game simple, hurts is better when you make it simple.

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