1. Mike

    Your take on the Big 12 is always even handed Ian, despite the fact that you’re clearly a Longhorn fan. Imagine if we had your level of skill in our mainstream media?

  2. Ryan

    Thanks Ian, any thoughts on the Fedora/Wickline hires? Will be interesting to see how they mesh with Munoz.

    Part of Baylor’s early Big 12 history was the athletic department investing in non-revenue sports at the expense of football/basketball. The big capital project was in ’98 with a new pressbox, maybe a small weight room renovation. Baseball/Tennis/Softball got brand new facilities. Even attempts to right the ship in basketball were done at a discount. “Hey Dave Bliss is a great basketball coach who we can get on the cheap because he’s been exiled out of big time basketball for NCAA infractions. I’m sure he’s learned his lesson!” (Spoiler Alert- He hadn’t)

    Guy Morriss finally started convincing people that Floyd Casey Stadium might be a hindrance to recruiting. He got the on campus practice facility going. Art Briles showed that Baylor could compete in the conference and win it when many BU alums probably didn’t believe it. That obviously ended badly but like you said the proof of concept had been established. Rhule did a great job and built it back from the ashes.

    Baylor has been one game away from the playoffs twice under two completely different coaches/systems. How many blue blood programs can say that? I think the conference shake up lit a fire under people at Baylor and put the fear of God in them. The money will always be there going forward to keep the program highly competitive.

    • ianaboyd

      I think that’s about it, they know they need to show big to hold up in realignment.

      I’m not sure how much Wickline has left in the tank but Fedora was definitely a good hire who can maintain some of what they’re doing but better. Wickline is probably an upgrade over Bell at least and he’ll whip a talented but young group into better shape.

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