1. Eliseo

    How upset do you think Aggie fans would have been if after Texas beat them in 2011 some of the Texas players had planted the flag Baker Mayfield style in the of theirmiddle of the field?

      • Eliseo

        I got into a Sam Ehlnger versus Kellen Mond argument with an Aggie coworker. That got me thinking if the Aggies get so upset about the truth. Imagine if Texas did something actually disrespectful like plant the flag at midfield. Then that got me thinking it would they be planted the flag at midfield.

        • Andrew

          TBH, I’m not a big fan of either, but Aggie reminds me of that psycho ex-gf guys talk about. If SE had done that, I would’ve rolled in the ground, possibly peeing on myself & died laughing.

          So, if you were an NFL team (pick any you want) where would you get JH in the draft & what position would you get him for? For some odd reason, I keep thinking he could make a really good MLB given his football IQ as a QB.

  2. quigley

    If you’re really bored, you can go back and watch this year’s Peach Bowl and find PLENTY of “easy candy” for Hurts RUNNING and throwing the ball throughout the first half. On OU’s first play from scrimmage, he failed to recognize the Tigers losing contain on the left and missed at least one open throwing window. Two for one!

    The entire offense had to be frustrated with him: OL because of self sacks, RB because of stolen carries and TDs, WR because of late/errant throws. The defense was also likely pissed off because he couldn’t play safety.

    This only reinforces your observation that he’s subpar as a decision maker. He is an upstanding guy, a dedicated worker, and a tremendous athlete, but his decision-making eliminates many of these strengths.

    He could be awesome at HB or LB, but that would also require humility. We’ll see if that’s in his toolbag.

    • ianaboyd

      Yeah, we’ll learn a lot about Jalen over the next year or two. I still think he could be an NFL RB, the combine will have a big say in how high he goes. I think he needs to hit 4.6 or better to open up his opportunities, which I think is iffy.

    • quigley

      “They” did (one talking head gets replayed).
      I didn’t.
      I’m a big believer in stats. Despite Hurts having similar or better passing stats, Jackson was obviously better than Hurts throwing the ball if you watched them play. Specifically, you can gameplan for Hurts relatively simply:
      – Deny him quick throws and make him beat you deep.
      – Rush three or four, and he may self-sack. If not, rush disciple, and let your spy come on delay blitzes.
      He’s not accurate short or long, and he has poor timing.

  3. Eliseo

    Hey Ian I’ve heard that Rob Smith and Dave Huxtable are the two leading candidates for the Texas linebacker coach job. What are your thoughts on them? Second question do you think Texas will move Daniel Young to full-back to throw lead blocks? If Cade Brewer doesn’t improve (which I don’t think he’ll ever be the sort of tight end that Herman wants him to be) or Jared Wiley isn’t ready to fill that position yet? Third question when will we know what kind of offensive improvements if any Mike Yurcich will add to the offense next year?

    • ianaboyd

      Don’t have many yet, I think that’s pretty feasible given Yurcich’s past, and we’ll know the season will have a good outcome when we hear that one of the outside WRs is coming alive in the new offense.

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