1. Alex Jennings

    Good stuff here Ian! Do you think you’re going to make another post about the veer and shoot and the status of it going into the 2020 season? Was curious to see what you thought about the new schools and coaches that will be running it this year.

    • ianaboyd

      I’m not sure, one thing I realized when writing the book was that some of the best elements of the Veer and Shoot have been adopted elsewhere. So I dunno if that Briles tree can or needs to thrive for the revolution to continue.

      • I’d be very interested in a post like that too
        Aside from UCF (where Josh Heupel just copied the offense instead of coming from the Briles tree, I think?) no true veer n shoot offenses have been that great the past couple of years
        I’ve been especially disappointed by Babers’ Syracuse offenses that ranked outside of the top 40 per SP+ every year he’s been there

        • ianaboyd

          Babers’ Syracuse O hasn’t been quite as passing heavy as expected, I guess he hasn’t had a Jimmy G to make it work. He’s been reunited with Sterlin Gilbert now so that’s something.

          I’ll try and see who from the tree is still going. I think Lane Kiffin did hire a disciple of theirs at Ole Miss.

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