1. Brandon

    Truly blessed to get UT and Iowa State at home this season. Going to be an awesome four-way (maybe five-team?) race this year. Hoping for lots of exciting games.

  2. Will

    Gundy must be a fun coach to play for. When the Sills new broke, it kind of stung. But Brown reportedly runs a very different program than Holgo did. So when I got over the initial reaction, it was easy to see why he would go there. Same offense, probably similar culture vibe, be on a team with a lot of NFL eyes watching.

    The retention stuff is otherworldly though. Hubbard coming back is borderline insane! I was shocked when Washington came back too. Never count Gundy out I guess. This is pretty much a worst case scenario for any other middle of the pack (2-6ish) Big 12 team.

    For WVU though, this might be better. Gundy fires a lot bullets next season, probably doesn’t play many young guys (although there will undoubtedly be garbage time in blowouts) and is probably hitting the reset button in 2022. I think the next time we can expect WVU to potentially challenge would be 2022. The running game was so bad that it is probably being two years away and they are completely reloading after the graduation of 2 underrated CBs who played nearly every snap. Also in 2022, Doege will be a senior and WVU will be returning a ton off the two deep. The way things have been, WVU needs to peak when OSU is down to have a chance at winning. And even then it doesn’t always work (2018).

    In my head, Gundy is a HoF coach. But I’m not actually all that familiar with the standards. Is he? If not, how far off is he?

    • ianaboyd

      Gundy is up there. He’s been around long enough that people love to nitpick at his flaws but the proof is in the pudding, he’s had tremendous success over a prolonged period of time.

      I like WVU to be solid next year but I may be overlooking the awaiting disaster from losing both corners and both tackles. We’ll find out early in the year.

  3. […] I broke down everything the Cowboys have going for them the other day. The offense is loaded with both experienced infrastructure and overwhelming skill talent. The defense looks sturdier, returns most of what made it good (at times) in 2019, and has a couple of emerging young talents that could end up being significant persons in the 2020 Big 12 race. […]

  4. Brannon

    OSU also now has the Mizzou CB Christian Holmes transfer in, decent chance he gets the starter spot opposite Rodarius

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