1. Will

    Do you have a sense of how much goodwill his 2019 bought Klieman? I thought it was a really impressive showing for year 1, especially for a guy who you expect to be a pretty good program builder down the road. Beat an SEC team, beat OU, lost 3 one score games (won a few of those too though).

    I’d think he has earned a full rebuild year in the next two years after that performance. But it’s hard to tell from the outside.

    • ianaboyd

      I don’t think hardly anyone gets full rebuilds. Better stay competitive. Kinda lame anyways to ask your seniors to give it all when you don’t intend to fight as hard as you can to make their year as competitive as possible.

      But I assume that he has a fair amount of goodwill because he scrapped that season together in pretty tough circumstances. My man brought a power run game to Manhattan and inherited only Harry Trotter in the backfield…I mean, my God.

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