1. Matt

    I think as Grinch gets “his guys” in there, they’ll become more effective situationally. I know you’re a huge proponent of the 3 safety defense as the anti-bombing run defense. I think Grinch has a similar idea about deterring offenses from taking deep shots play after play but I think his approach is to always show a 2 high shell that morphs after the snap. As he gets tall long corners, those short passes to big receivers won’t be as effective. I know you’ve questioned the speed he’s recruiting but Dennis ran a 4.40 and Eaton was one of the best 200 yd sprinters in Texas. That’s the best case scenario I see for Grinch’s philosophy on pass D. I think the hope in run defense is always going to be that they inflict enough damage on early downs to prevent short yardage runs. With the way they align their DE and MLB, I don’t know if they’ll ever be able to really control the short run game. Ronnie Perkins is a great player but at 250 pounds, I don’t see him holding up against double teams. I guess their best hope for next season’s run defense is that whoever ends up at Mike has a faster processor than Murray did when aligned as the overhang defender?

    • ianaboyd

      I definitely think having more intuitive inside-backers will help them. Of course Murray made a ton of plays for them because he had such great range and speed.

      Dennis ran a 11.15 100m, which isn’t 4.4 speed. More like 4.6. Eaton probably ain’t running that either. As of now I’d say that Grinch is failing to recruit the guys he needs to make this system work.

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