The Flyover Football message board

I have some exciting news!

Over at Inside Texas today we’re launching the “Flyover Football” message board. It’ll be a free board that will include all of my normal Big 12 football coverage you’ve been accustomed to reading here as well as some other regional coverage and a lot of insider recruiting and coaching hire stories from my colleagues.

If you click here.

You’ll find…

-A state of the union on the Big 12 heading into 2020 and the strategies “du jour.”

-A summary of my space force theory, including a listing of what the space force units have looked like for every Big 12 champion of the last decade.

-A piece on TCU’s version of the 3-2-6 “flyover defense” and why that could be their calling card in 2020 and beyond.

-A recruiting interview with 5-star wide receiver Caleb Burton.

Down the line there will be much more, including coverage of the Big 12 media days next week and rankings for every space force unit (offensive tackle, wide receiver, cornerback, and edge rusher) across the entire Big 12.

Go check it out!


As always, check out the namesake, my book on how Big 12 football came to define the modern game.


  1. Awesome news! I’m always giddy for coaching hire & backroom stories and such, and of course your schematic breakdowns are top-notch. Congrats on the forum, Ian.

    • ianaboyd

      Thanks! I think everyone will enjoy it there, the board is great. Easier for comments and discussions.

  2. Dan

    Exciting stuff, Ian! Although your link isn’t working currently, haha. I’ll definitely swing by and check it out!

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