1. JObhr

    This is a really good class for the Cyclones. They actually beat OU for the DL Leo, and Kolar had offers from more established programs (KState, OkSt). Tongamoa’s film is really impressive. I’m surprised he didn’t get more upper-level offers (i.e., OU), but he still chose the Cyclones over TCU and Colorado.

    Having only three RBs is a problem. Having numbers is key (one of three key metrics, the others being talent and fit), so a zero in that column is a red flag.

    • ianaboyd

      Are those 3 guys the only RBs they have or are those 3 just the ones who got carries last year?

      Seems like others made a late push for Tongamoa (Oregon, Colorado, etc) but Iowa State held on for dear life. I’m sure they can offer him more immediate playing time than most other schools.

  2. Cameron

    I really like the linemen the Cyclones got this year. They’ve clearly got prototypes they are looking for, and got lots of ’em. Not sure how much it’ll mean for 2017, but I think it will pay dividends over time.

  3. Kevin

    Yea I’m not sure you need more than 3 good RB’s..Montgomery is a stud, he beat out Warren last year as a true frosh..Warren stuck with it and i expect him to have a bounce back year but that is a pretty nice 1-2 combo. Word is though that ISu is looking to add a possible grad transfer RB as well as grad transfer DB this spring/summer. ISu has had back to back top 50 classes and that’s what u need to rebuild a bad program.

    I’m guessing they contend for a bowl game this year but 2018 ISU football will be put on the map..they return nearly everyone in the 2 deep and almost entire O and D line’s.

    One thing that wasnt noted was the addition of the 2 grad transfer Oline, Dawson and Rodgers from USC..both are instant starters probably and Rodgers is massive.

    Lastly, only thing i disagree with this review on is Eaton at WR..The staff thinks he’s a #1WR. Kid is big and fast for his size and a violent blocker. ISu feels they were darn lucky to get him.

    • ianaboyd

      All very interesting. I missed on quite a few things, I’m sure. This took me forever as it is and I don’t quite follow every team in the league closely enough to avoid missing on some things here and there.

      I saw on some Scout message board discussion of this article that a CB I suggested may lack recovery speed was a state track star. That still doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll be good at flipping his hips and running with people but that’s hard to know without deep diving every dude and that’s hard to do with 200+ players.

      The transfers are really interesting, that could make quite a difference.

      • Cyfly

        Re: Bowens/ recover speed: that was me. And the hip-fluidity is a good point. Straight-line speed is different… Just an initial reaction to the DB who may be the fastest of the bunch.

        • ianaboyd

          Sounds like he’s faster then I might have guessed, maybe in the 4.6 range based on his 100m times.

          That’s pretty good and can probably work with good technique.

          • Cyfly

            btw, this is a massive amount of work, and it’s altogether a great critique. I appreciate your rigor – its great to see something this in-depth from someone who’s not on a school’s beat. Thanks you, Ian.

  4. Brian Chapman

    I am a biased iSu partisan, which likely accounts for my annoyment with your choice of words about Tongamoa landing in Ames: it’s a wonder, bewildering.

    If relationships aren’t the key, they are exceedingly important. Lima-Tongamoa forged a friendship when they happened to visit at the same time in August, and the youthful iSu staff appears adept at connecting with kids.

    Certainly, I respect the work you put into this report and enjoyed reading it, too. Lots of interesting insights.

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