1. Cameron

    One of the fun parts of Rhule’s shifts to outside zone is that Baylor is going from exploiting one offensive line market inefficiency to another. There’s a lot of lower-ranked offensive linemen who lack size but can move well who are not being picked up by P5 schools who would do great in a stretch zone-centric offensive scheme. Rhule knows this, and he’s taking advantage of it within his own offensive philosophy. I love that.

    • ianaboyd

      Yes, I’ve even written on this point before.

      The hang-up for B12 Os is typically that they don’t want an OL filled with 6-2/6-3 guys because it’s hard to pass protect that way unless you’re doing it off play-action. So they don’t go all in with those types. K-State made hay last year though running OZ behind a prototypical RT in Dalton Risner but with a true blocking TE and a 6-1 scrapper at RG named Terrale Johnson.

  2. Jeff Miller

    Ryan Miller was rated as a 3 Star by several entities. He was first team All State 6A Center in Texas ( that should say it all ) . He runs a sub 5 sec 40 and his three cone drill times are that of a linebacker. He is also one of the strongest people on the team (as a Freshman). Finally, he was a 4.0+ student at Southlake Carroll and NHS Member and part of Carrol Medical Academy ( hardest AP Curriculum at Southlake Carroll) Intelligence is required to play center and you should include this element in your reporting.

    • ianaboyd

      I’m not reporting, I’m commenting. Anyways good for Miller, I happened to like him and spoke well of him when I broke down Baylor’s recruiting class. I also happen to not think much of recruiting rankings.

      But the facts are the facts, freshman don’t typically thrive on the OL in year one and I think Miller’s emergence is more a sign of Rhule giving “his guys” some early snaps and work rather than a sign that Baylor is going to be great on OL this season.

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