1. Travis

    Yeah, the secondary could be Baylor’s undoing this year. Rhule mentioned as much in his press conference yesterday, saying that he felt comfortable against the run but is anxious to see how the DBs hold up. Oklahoma in Week 4 should be a good test….

    Baylor has 7 scholarship DBs hurt right now, leaving 4 scholarship Corners and 3 scholarship Safeties which is really hampering them. Particularly now that Grayland Arnold just broke his arm, as he was the best player in the secondary. A lot of them are expected back early-to-mid season but we’ll see.

    From what I’ve gathered from old Temple games, Rhule really likes to be multiple on the back end, playing lots of safeties and corners. I thought the O-Line would be the breaking point of this team, but it looks like it could be the secondary.

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