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  1. jobhr

    Great to see you’re still interested in the Big 12 (*wink). Technical point: Only one video in the Study Hall piece is visible to me.

    Depending on how things break, a one loss Sooner team will still be in contention for the playoff. Big name teams have done this every year so far. Ohio State is likely one of only a handful of teams that’ll be able to content with OU’s run game with honest numbers (Bama, Clemson, Michigan, who else ?). So I still like OU to be able to outscore the rest of the teams on their schedule as the Sooners will be more efficient than the rest of the teams on their schedule. The ceiling of this defense is higher than that of K-St and Ok St. Overall, they should improve during the year as it did last year.

    Last years game is only so instructive for this year. From OU’s offensive perspective, Mayfield was awful by his standards and only part of that was the doing of the Buckeyes. He pressed too much down field and resulting in turnovers and missed opportunities. OU’s didn’t take advantage of the Mixon/Westbrook/Perine advantage outside of the kickoff return. The Sooner OL is better this year, and the WR may be well-suited to attacking the Buckeyes with passing efficiency and explosiveness.

    On defense last year, OU never adjusted to the unbalanced formation so that’s a fail from before the snap. If something like that happens again Stoops should just stay in Youngstown. Barrett had his best passing day of the year, and a lot of that due to OU’s inability to bring pressure and field a competent second corner. Plus Noah Brown had a career night.

    The corner situation is significantly better. I wasn’t that impressed with Kelly and the LB play overall versus UTEP, But as last year progressed, Kelly was more successful at bringing pressure and in the running game. One new DT, Overton looked good vs UTEP. We’ll see what Senor Lampkin is up to this weekend probably for one or two series per half. Dobbins in a x-factor, and he should at twice as many snaps as Weber. OU will need to commit a safety to the run game throughout the game.

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