1. System Poster

    Have to feel bad for Kliff. He was fired right as he was turning the thing around. Forget beating OU and UT, if Bowman stays healthy and maybe even if Duffy stays healthy, beating KSU and BU should have been a cakewalk. If he does that, he keeps his job. The offense was 12th in S&P before the KSU game. That number might very well have improved if not for injuries.

    A defense in the 80’s and an elite offense might not be enough to win the big 12, but it would be enough for 7+ wins a season absent the kind of injury luck Tech had this year (and bad turnover luck).

    Now the replacements all look uninspiring. Tech is guaranteed to be worse on offense and improvement on defense isn’t guaranteed. Given that I don’t see someone like Harsin riding in to save the day, rolling the dice on another year of Kliff seems like it would have been the best option.

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