1. Joey

    Basically agree with everything you said on OU vs. Bama. In order for OU to win, Riley would have to overwhelmingly out game plan Saban. Even if Riley has a better game plan going into the game, I don’t see it being so superior that it makes up for all of OUs weaknesses. I’m thinking Bama 52-21.

    • ianaboyd

      That’s a big margin, plausible but I dunno if Bama will handle OU’s offense that well. Unless Brown is useless…and even then.

      • Joey

        As OU fan, I’m hoping that Tua comes out and is a little more injured than he’s letting on, makes some bad decisions early, and OU can some how jump on them maybe like 14-0. That just leaves Bama throwing to an elite receiving Corp against a historically bad secondary the rest of the game…

        Basically just praying for rust and A LOT of it.

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