1. John

    Not sure where you found track info on Kenyon Reed. He was a legitimate 10.7/100 and 21.6/200 guy. That is definitely faster than 4.7 and William Jones was one of the fastest 200 sprinters in Texas, 21.14. Klieman raved about how both can fly.

    Givens is 270 and will play defensive tackle.

    • ianaboyd

      A website that has track numbers gave me the numbers. My questions on Jones aren’t about speed but size and mentality. I don’t know how he’d do isolated in the boundary against a 6-4 jump ball threat.

  2. travis

    I’ve really been enjoying your big picture comments for these new coaches. Really helps impart some meaning into the classes.

  3. Clay

    Good stuff. Agree on the potential issues with offensive line depth down the road based on low numbers and some attrition from the last few classes. They do at least have 7-8 guys in the sophomore/redshirt freshman/freshman classes, so hopefully they can minimize attrition in the ranks, get quality numbers the next two years and have some stability and continuity without relying on transfers. That’s probably the truest test of the new staff’s recruiting chops.

    Between the guys in this class and some returning players, the skill positions look to be in much better shape a few years down the road than we’ve been used to, assuming half of these new guys really work out well. I think Knowles from last year’s class will really turn into a standout based on his four game cup of coffee last fall. If the new staff can get Taylor on the field to display the talent we kept hearing about, the receivers could be the best group we’ve had on the field since Lockett and Sexton.

    DB is still a pain point though. There’s been pretty bad attrition from the past two classes (I think 100% from 2017), so the numbers this year were needed, and probably comparable numbers for next year will be important.

    Hat tip for Jax The Destroyer

  4. Sean R Tomlinson

    Nice, thank you for the summary Ian. I’m excited to see what these guys do and come back here in 4 years. Long Live The Destoyer.

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