• ianaboyd

      I believe this is my fifth consecutive year to do this! Although in 2015 I don’t think I finished (I did get to K-State though). Last year’s was on this blog, 2016 was on sportstreatise.blogspot.com

      • Travis

        These have been great fun to look back on during the season. Whenever a guy “bursts out of nowhere” I like to come back and see what you thought of him. Case in point, David Montgomery, “Montgomery actually played QB in HS but he was used as a single-wing weapon so he was generally running at an advantage on outnumbered fronts. He’s probably a legit sub 4.7 runner and is good at running low and behind his pads at the 2nd level, which allows him to run over DBs that can’t bring enough thunder to match. He’s at his best in power schemes where he can threaten to plant and go upfield behind the lead block or else bounce it outside … Campbell landed a good prospect to become a feature back down the line in Montgomery.”

        off the top of my head you were also right on the very underrated Denzel Mims.

        • ianaboyd

          I do that too, haha. I think enough of my memory to believe that I’d have a big database in my head…but I was wrong. Fortunately it’s all recorded so we can see where I was wrong.

          I oughtta use it more to help me project, strangely I don’t do that.

  1. ryan

    Look forward to reading your analysis of the Texas DL & OL classes, given that, like K-State, LSU beat them on virtually every head to head, and is NOT the team chasing an all-CUSA ‘honorable mention’ tackle in a desperate attempt to get Ehlinger concussed slightly less this year.

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