1. Philly Frog

    Trevon Moehrig-Woodard is a kid whose name will come up a lot.

    He’s one double cheeseburger from being a Sam.

    • ianaboyd

      I’ve observed his play, he’s been solid. Pretty fast so he may stay on the back end but we’ll see. Who’s the FS if it’s not him?

      • Philly Frog

        Hidari Ceasar unless they think Lake Van Zandt can move over.

        They had a bunch of twos and threes getting reps by the end of last year, it’s a little hard to keep up even with a program.

        It will also be interesting to see how Vongor has developed since last fall when he got hurt. He may have grown out of being the next Peanut, sadly.

  2. Philly Frog


    Van Zandt got a lot of spring reps at 2nd Mike linebacker in the Spring.

    You just never know anything this time of year.

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