• ianaboyd

      Not totally sure. They have a few things going for them that could yield unexpectedly impressive outcomes.

      For instance, the D has a lot of good, returning pieces and the offense has a QB and some receivers along with a nice OL. But it’ll be hard to fit all the pieces together in year one, they’re missing key ingredients, and the depth is scary.

      Without looking at the schedule I’d think 5-7.

      • Eliseo

        What pieces are they missing, and how long do you think it will take for them to put it all together?

        • ianaboyd

          Well the D isn’t up to snuff yet. They have a lot of returning pieces but a DL that can control the line, boundary corner that can put a man on lockdown, or a strong safety that can play the run from depth? Less certain.

          On offense I don’t think they have the ancillaries and RB is a pretty huge question mark as well. OL should be good, how good in the new scheme? Maybe good enough.

          The style is to control games with the run game and defense and that’s extra, extra hard in this league so if you’re not doing it at a high level you can get taken apart. They couldn’t do it last year, they might be better this year but I bet they’ll end up as around the same unless something really positive breaks for them.

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