1. matt

    How different is Grinch’s OU defense from what he was doing at WSU? In terms of approach, not personnel or results.

    • ianaboyd

      Similar, I’m not sure how often they built bear fronts at Wazzu. They leaned a lot on Hercules shooting gaps, it might have been pretty 46-intensive, I don’t recall.

      • Matt

        Wasn’t the 46 what Virginia Tech used to beat Ohio state in 2014? Looking back, was that a sort of harbinger of what the 46 might do against a spread?

        • ianaboyd

          Uh, that was a straight 46 though backed by cover zero. Very aggressive approach oriented around the belief that JT Barrett couldn’t beat their guys in man coverage.

          Grinch’s version is more disguised, has more counters, and is more conservative in general.

  2. […] Patterson is in better shape. The TCU defense will be better in another year after a chance to get some linebackers up to speed in the defense and with another year for most of the more impactful DL up front to get better. However, their normal formula has been off of late and the competition is going to be tougher in 2020 than it ever has before. Especially if Ehlinger returns and Texas figures out how to play defense with a roster stocked with NFL athletes. Here’s a hint for Tom Herman, it’s not the zone blitz. […]

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