1. Jason Boa

    Auburn certainly did a great job of slowing down our offense, but we left a lot of points on the field also. Two super close plays away from hitting 34 (4th and goal stop, Ja’marr Chase reaching for a pass not intended for him with Terrace Marshall running free in the back of the end zone) and possibly more if a few breaks go our way or they just play better. I think this says more about how good this offense is though.

    • ianaboyd

      Auburn forced LSU to sustain drives and finish in the red zone, which is tough. Things like “we were super close” are regularly said in the red zone. I’m not saying you’re wrong, and the point about emphasizing how good the Tiger O is is definitely right, but I’m saying that Auburn pushed for this game to be played in a style and range where they had a much better chance to win.

  2. Jonny Dent

    Good stuff. If this becomes the offensive norm across the SEC, I worry there may not be enough quality DB recruits to go around.

    • ianaboyd

      There’s a lot of good skill athletes to go around. Even FCS teams often find good skill athletes.

    • System Poster

      My takeaway is the opposite; there are a lot more 5’11 190 pound fast tweener type guys that are willing to play physical football than there are 6’4 275 pound guys that run a 4’6 40, lighting quick 230 pound linebackers, elite defensive tackles, and lockdown corners. This is leading to a more parity-filled Big 12 as we speak.

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