1. System Poster

    I have a bad feeling about what Brewer, Mims, and Thornton are going to do to our secondary with Adrian Frye, Desmon Smith, Thomas Leggett, and Evan Rambo all likely out. With a week to craft a game plan targeting true freshmen Alex Hogan and Dadrion Taylor (who played running back in high school), Baylor should be able to do some damage. Also speaks poorly to Spencer Sanders and/or Sean Gleason’s ability to adjust that they were only able to target the receiver those guys were covering once, which resulted in an easy touchdown.

    • Brandon

      Sanders literally can’t read the defense to save his life.

      This offense is as simplistic and dumbed down as it can possibly be, and he’s still missing reads, staring double covered receivers down, and turning the ball over.

      Sanders wowed a lot of people against Oregon State and I saw warning signs. At this point, I don’t even know if his ceiling is all that great. I disagree that there’s reason to be optimistic about future seasons for OSU. If anything, I think there’s reason to worry.

      Highly rated QBs bust all the time.

      • ianaboyd

        He has unreal physical talent though both throwing and running. He’s only going to understand defenses and the offense better with time.

        You should recall this player from back in the day named Vince Young who was more physically dominant but also had some similar limitations.

        • Brandon

          For sure. My response is pointed to everyone whose gripes lie with the staff. They can’t simplify the offense any more than they already have.

          I hope you’re right. As an OSU fan I sure hope you’re correct! Disappointing there likely won’t be overlap between prime Sanders and Hubbard/Wallace.

  2. Will

    I’m pretty pleased with WVU’s showing. The defense looked very good for 3 quarters despite being hosed with some really short fields.

    The offense looked Big-12ish for the first time all season. Of course the 4 picks tempers the excitement. SP+ said it was a tossup, I don’t think it was that close but it was clearly a competitive ball game.

    The big question is whether WVU can replicate that effort 7 more times, especially after losing 2 of its top 3 receivers during the game (James is questionable for this week, Ryan is out for a while). If it can, every non-OU game is more of a tossup than likely loss. I feel a lot more optimistic after this loss than I did after the win at Kansas.

    • ianaboyd

      I don’t know how many games WVU will manage to win this year and I’ll be interested to see if Neal Brown and his staff can keep putting together great gamelans like that one without a bye week and visiting top 10 team to amp everything up. But overall I think he looks like a great hire so far.

  3. Eli

    I would be shocked if the sec runner up gets in over a conference champ with the same record. There isn’t really a precedent for it. The only time the sec runner up also got in was a difference in record.

    • ianaboyd

      Not the SEC runner-up, the SEC West runner-up, who I’m guessing will be 11-1 with a loss to whoever wins the SEC West.

      Let’s say Alabama is 11-1 with a loss to Auburn that puts the Tigers in the SEC title game. Then Georgia beats Auburn. So we get Georgia and Bama in the playoffs. Or, let’s say LSU is 11-1 with a sole loss to Alabama. Then Alabama beats Georgia in the SEC title game, I bet LSU is also in.

      • Brandon

        The precedence for this situation was set in 2017-18 and 2011.

        Which is why I loathe college football outside of the Big 12.

        Please expand to 10 ASAP

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