1. System Poster

    Man, that’s a tough snub for Jordyn Brooks. I’m thinking he might be suffering on your list from missing the UT game. But his numbers stack up pretty well against everyone on the list. For instance, 20 tackles for a loss and 3 sacks to Kenneth Murray’s 16 tackles for a loss and 4 sacks–and more solo tackles and total tackles–while playing in two fewer games, plus missing most of the TCU game.

    Also, Dawson Deaton had a pretty great season. I don’t know how much stock you put in PFF grades (personally, I find their offensive line grades and defensive front 7/6 grades to be more credible than, say, their defensive back grades) but they had Deaton as their first team all-big 12 center and said he graded out as the best run-blocking center in the conference.

    • ianaboyd

      I didn’t have a good feel for Deaton, Brooks I studied in preparation for this list and he just didn’t blow me away.

      Like I said, I’d rather have Wallow or Bernard. His stats seemed to be partly a function of playing in an aggressive blitz scheme that was boom or bust.

  2. Mike

    Ian, did you play football from 7th grade through college? Were you any good on the field (not a requirement)? If you played in college, what level, and how well?
    Your answers to those questions tell me whether a TX HS football coach should hire you as an analyst from Division 3 on up. Even if you said, “No, I’m a 100% armchair QB”, I think that a D3 or D4 program would profit from your insight.
    If you played and were decent in HS and college (at any level), someone in D4 up to 6 should interview you.
    I think you may be miscast as a writer, you’re a great technical analyst, the question becomes, can you be a motivator too?

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