1. Clayton Davis

    A note on Williams. Apparently that 38 yd TD was essentially an audible between him and the FB. Play call was a run to the inside and the FB and Williams went outside.

    “Before their second-down play, fullback Anthony Sherman shared an idea with Williams.

    “Sherman was like, ‘Hey, follow me,’” Williams said. “That’s exactly what I did. The run was supposed to go inside. He went outside, so I went outside. I said, ‘Forget (a first down), I’m taking it to the house.’””

  2. Clayton Davis

    This intrigued me more for the mechanics of it. Like the QB and OC call the plays, right? The center might call some changes in protection based on what he’s seeing, and the QB might change the overall playcall based on what he’s seeing, or maybe there’s multiple calls embedded within the call based how the defense responds. But I didn’t realize that an FB and RB could or would alter their assignments like this.

    • ianaboyd

      I think in this case the fullback decided to go rogue and told the RB about it. Normally the FB is probably following rules to either hit a particular LB or else to shore up a spot if there’s penetration to avoid a negative play. But this time he was like, “if I just go around the edge there won’t be anyone there because they’re too pressed up on the line.”

      • Clayton Davis

        Yeah, and he blocked 2 LBs doing it.

        Still blows my mind. We’re going to reach the point where the entire football team is basically like a tight jazz quintet, or an Indian classical music performance, where every single player is free to improvise at any time based on a sound understanding of what everyone else is doing, and the performance isn’t just coherent but powerful.

  3. Regarding the 2015 OU-BU game, do you think OU’s approach still works if the Bears have Russell or previous year Bryce Petty under center?
    To me it looked like Baylor could have beaten OU had they not had a true frosh QB at the helm

    • ianaboyd

      It’d take a good look at All-22 to have a better idea of that. Were the non-Coleman WRs open and Stidham couldn’t hit them? Or was OU legitimately taking them away pretty well? Probably that would have been enough for Baylor to win though.

      Btw, it was clearly the intent of OU’s defenders to land big, borderline hits on Stidham early in the game and that yielded results. Evans took him to the ground after a pass and injured his back, I believe.

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