1. Travis

    Despite my almost complete lack of care for NFL football, I think was one of your better articles. Well done.

  2. System Poster

    It’s weird that the Rams WEREN’T trying to isolate the linebackers in space against thie running backs because that seemed like a big part of their game in the past, for instance, this play against the Cowboys in 2017 sticks in my mind: https://youtu.be/8KGrG2UePEk?t=415

    Maybe they would have done that more if it weren’t for Gurley’s mysterious injury or whatever was going on there.

  3. Glenn Hall

    Great stuff Ian. Thanks

    Looking forward to the 2019, 20, and 21 seasons for Texas with lots of hybrids and QB reads.

  4. Jim M

    I just read a piece about football that included the “OODA loop”

    My life is in fact, complete…

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