1. Matt

    Enjoyed this. Chris Simms did an excellent breakdown of this on his podcast this week. His podcast is second to none for NFL knowledge.

  2. […] New England followed that prescription against Kansas City while also shading their deep safety to different areas of the field rather than leaving him in the deep middle. Those adjustments helped some but they still had trouble when the Chiefs flared out their RBs against New England’s big, slow linebackers. […]

  3. Jim M

    Nice read-
    It would be interesting to see what Belichick/Giants did against Buffalo in the super bowl years ago. I have a feeling this was an early version of what the Pats did vs KC.

  4. System Poster

    ” Not necessarily the best and certainly not the most accomplished”

    Depends on how you define best, but I still think his 2016 season was one of the most impressive seasons of college football I’ve ever seen from a quarterback. He managed to lead the country in touchdowns while having a complete turd of a team around him. He had the worst offensive line I’ve ever seen and his best skill position guy ended up being only a 4th round draft pick (and he was a backup for some reason in 2016 anyway).

  5. […] While it’s frustrating for a guy like Riley to watch his defense giving up yardage for minute after minute while his own offense sits on the bench, it’s actually a winning play if you can make it hard for them to finish drives. What’s more, if you only use up two minutes every time you score then it’s not all that easy for the opposing offense to keep you from getting the possessions you need to make winning contingent on scoring 30+. See the AFC championship game. […]

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