1. GT Counterfeit

    Appreciate the insight and largely agree on K9’s fit. So disappointing that he only got one year in a scheme that properly utilized him.

    Tangential to the discussion, but chuckled at your inclusion of the infamous “Tavon Austin game. I attended that game after graduating from OU in 2011. Had never been so disgusted after a win.

    Not sure if you saw Tony Jefferson’s tweet on Monday, calling out Mike Stoops for moving CB Julian Wilson (#2, 6’2”, 190) to MLB on the day of the game. As your GIF shows, the results were less than ideal!


    Everyone points to the 2014 Baylor game (also featuring Julian Wilson) as the early nadir of Mike’s second stint, but this game makes a strong case as well.

    • ianaboyd

      Mike Stoops sorta had the right idea when he first came in 2012. They played nickel and dime all day, every day, and kept Tony Jefferson and Javon Harris out of man coverage situations. His front, uh, 5, didn’t always control the run game terribly well so that was an issue.

      Holgorsen caught him big time when he moved Tavon Austin to RB in that game and Stoops had no idea how to match up. Jefferson has been on a public crusade to criticize Stoops ever since.

      In subsequent seasons, Stoops made it a point to field safeties that COULD play man coverage so that he could keep more linebackers on the field to play in the box. It didn’t really help that much though, they still got caught pretty often.

  2. R

    I appreciate the balanced perspective on K9. Super athlete but I’m not sure how well that will translate in the NFL once you consider his history and game

    Any interest in doing similar analysis on Jeff Gladney, Parnell Motley, or Jeff Okudah? If I was an NFL GM, I’d take Okudah over Chase and not think twice. There were too many good players on that defense so it’s questionable when Chase didn’t show up big in big games against big talent

    • ianaboyd

      I’d go Okudah over Chase easy as well. Motley put together a good 2019, he also played right cornerback for Oklahoma though which is interesting. They stick their best cover guy on the left. Gladney is a good player, better than Motley, not as good as Okudah.

  3. Rob

    Concerning draftniks, I thought Daniel Jeremiah had the best take as Murray as an “outside” and “off the ball” linebacker. Honestly, I was surprised to see 1st round love for him especially since I didn’t remember him sticking out much in a positive way his 1st 2 years (probably biased because the defense was so terrible).
    Also, I read your piece about Chase (and trading the #2 spot). I liked the overall analysis, but was wondering what you thought of the 49ers? They spent a lot of their 1st round draft capital (it would seem) on the DL and DE, and it worked out pretty well.

    • ianaboyd

      The 49ers spent their first pick of the 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019 drafts on defensive linemen and took Ark Armstead, DeForrest Buckner, Solomon Thomas, and Nick Bosa.

      The key for San Francisco is that they invested enough in DL that they could overwhelm opponents and prevent them from moving the focal point of the engagement elsewhere. If you’re going to win on the DL I think that’s the way to do it. But even for the 49ers, eventually they faced Mahomes in the HUNH, guys got tired, and the Chiefs flipped a big lead and ran away with it late.

      Now they just lost one of those DL because it’s time to pay up on some of those contracts. The place they loaded up on is also one of the most expensive positions on the field. So I’d say that in the long run this strategy may not work out so well after all.

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