1. Matt

    Do you think the Four WR to the field, 1 to the boundary formation could ever become as ubiquitous as Trips? LSU used it some last year also. What are the rules for that formation? Are all 4 WRs to that side eligible receivers?

    • ianaboyd

      Yup, so long as the solo side WR is on the line of scrimmage then everyone is eligible.

      4×1 is fun, I dunno if it’ll be as popular as trips, I’d have to think on that. It’s definitely effective.

      Some shortcomings: The defense can often be pretty certain that one of the inside receivers is breaking back towards the boundary so there isn’t always as much space stress as you want. Especially if the QB isn’t really much of a running threat and the linebackers can get out of the box more. Also, it’s harder to run the ball on a sweep or something because all of your sweep guys are in the field and would have to run to the boundary.

      On the positive side, it does hurt the linebackers with spacing issues, it does help the solo side WR, and defenses don’t tend to carry very many coverage checks against it. So if you use it a lot you’re either going to face some easy, static looks or you’re going to force your opponent to have to prepare a bunch of stuff they don’t normally use.

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