1. Tysen

    As a UW Husky fan (we open with Michigan), I’m most concerned with UM’s QB play + 20/21 personnel. UWs LB play was so putrid last season that I’m worried more DB help means more 1 vs. 1 against UMs good WRs

    • ianaboyd

      Washington will play then in single high either way, the zone-option stuff is definitely a concern if the ILBs aren’t good. QB run option torches single high defense when the LB play isn’t really on point.

  2. Mm

    Surprised to not see more made of Giles Jackson’s emergence late in the year as speed-back and receiving threat. Despite losing People-Jones, Michigan has an influx of talent at the skill positions via recruiting and the return of Chris Evans at RB. The roster makeup is shifting to shorter quicker WRs like Sainristil and the TE depth has started to thin.

    This is seemingly more in line with Gattis vision than Harbaughs but it’s not entirely new. An ongoing evolution has been taking place on Michigan offense each year and should continue in 2020. Harbaugh probably does not get enough credit for adapting because the offense hasn’t broken out beyond ‘pretty solid’ and no star players have really emerged under his watch. But the offense in late 2019 looked completely different than what we saw in 2015 when Harbaugh started at Michigan.

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