1. IansLongLostSon

    Great read..

    Is mid-zone it’s own thing or is it just a variation of wide zone?

    What types of offenses were 2019 Ohio State and 2019 Alabama ?

    Feel like they used a good amount of wide zone, even from shotgun.

    • ianaboyd

      Mid zone is mostly considered its own thing and it’s a common shotgun play. You can recognize mid zone because the OL get more lateral than on inside zone but on the play side they block toward the guard and tackle often end up basically kicking out and riding the DL up the field and the running back cuts back inside of them. It virtually never gets to the perimeter and while the RB aims for the C-gap he’s aiming inside of that tackle more often than not.

      Alabama used more outside zone back in the day with guys like Mark Ingram, Mario Cristobal likes that play. Ohio State used it quite a bit last year, a testament to both their line and Dobbins that it worked out pretty well. At least until they faced Clemson.

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