1. ryan

    Meanwhile in Baton Rouge, Dave Aranda has been describing Jacob Phillips as the true freshman linebacker with ‘the most desire for contact’ of LSU’s freshman trio…..

    • jobhr

      Losing Phillips to LSU and Reagor to TCU were important losses for the Sooners. That said, if you’re counting on a frosh MLB to save you, something systemic is wrong.

        • jobhr


          The dropoff in LB performance from Venables to Kish has been jarring. Last year was the first in his tenure that LB recruiting was OK, but he’s followed it up with a goose egg this year. The inability of his LBs to line up in the 4th quarter vs UT was disgusting.

          Mike is miscast as a defensive play caller. One of those “anonymous Big12 coach talks about other programs” this year made the point that Stoops is a very temperamental coach, which is obvious and ridiculous for lack of self scouting.

          • ianaboyd

            I thought he was going to build the program back with an emphasis on sound schemes and aggressive play.

            Kinda started that way but they also started out not quite knowing how to balance defending B12 passing attacks and stopping the run. Then they went on a journey of chasing all kinds of schematic solutions without nailing down the classic OU staples of consistently fielding an athletic, physical, and aggressive defensive backfield.

  2. Philly Frog

    Scenario #4

    Frere Stoops sleeps wid da fishes by Labor Day.

    I’m surprised he’s still there, honestly.

  3. jobhr

    OU wins expectancy basically divides the season into Ohio St (minus 0.75) and non-Ohio State (minus 1 total from UT, K-St, Ok St, TCU). Ohio St’s offense is going to be a challenge for the OU defense on several fronts:
    1. New scheme concocted by two great offensive minds
    2. Good OL that gained experience over 2016
    3. Very good skill position talent

    Ohio projects as a top ten offense this year without including the impact Kevin Wilson will have on the Ohio St passing game. Remember, Wilson won a Big12 championship at OU with PAUL THOMPSON at QB.

    Using Ohio St as a measure of OU’s progress on defense is almost unfair this game will be where the Buckeyes unveil their new offense. I’d like to see the Sooner defense coaches properly align the team versus unbalanced formations and make rational calls. A faraway hope is that OU can keep it close in a shootout and steal it at the end.

    • ianaboyd

      Good stuff, forgot Wilson was around for that paul Thompson triumph. I don’t like the RPO stuff he’s played with but overall his offenses are very impressive.

      I agree it’s not a fair standard for OUs D, but it’s a convenient one politically for Riley if he wants to push Mike overboard.

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