1. Travis

    Costello, Glass, and Anderson all look awesome. As you rightly point out, the real question is whether they’ll have enough horse on D. I love Ford though, I think he has Omenihu-like potential.

    I enjoy keeping up with TCU and Oklahoma State, because they operate in much of the same space as Baylor. For basically the past 5 years those three have been 3-4-5 in the Big 12 recruiting rankings in different orders.

    Those three schools all tend to target the same guys in Texas (along with many others), but what makes for interest is how they go about non-Texas kids. OSU still has Oklahoma, of course, and they seem to have some west-coast pull. TCU has been in Louisiana for a while. And Baylor has also been in Florida and the northeast.

    • ianaboyd

      Yeah those three are in direct competition, I’ll try to note that more during this series or in a wrap up later. Good call.

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