1. Will

    Always fun to read your recruiting write ups Ian, thanks. I’m really enjoying the Space Force focus you’re taking this year, it’s a really fun concept.

    WVU also took a WR named Sam Brown. The recruiting services were certain he was going to UF until signing day.


    Did you have any thoughts on him? Based on his offers and height, I had assumed he was the highest upside WVU receiver recruit.

    • ianaboyd

      Oh interesting. He’s one of the twitchier guys in this class for the B12, that vert is serious stuff. Definitely a potentially lethal deep threat, you can see he gets a pretty good release and then he’s gone.

      • Will

        Cool, thanks for checking him out. I know you’ve already put an insane amount of time into these and appreciate you going back to look at him.

        I’m pretty amped about what Brown is building. Might be another year, but I can wait.

    • Gary

      Overall they’re pretty far out there relative to the rest of the league. [Concerning Sports]
      Sorry, I just never have (probably never will) understand HOW an additional 70 (DFW) or 48 miles (OKC) warrants OSU (vs OU) being classified as being “pretty far out there”
      Maybe someone can help me?

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