1. Travis

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens with OSU’s DB play in the new scheme. I always felt it was their main weakness. They always had solid box-safety types, but their corner play was always suspect, at least athleticism-wise. Seems pretty clear they are hoping a couple of these 7 DBs stick.

    • Ben DeWalt

      It is interesting to compare the amount of success guys have had sticking in the NFL (Pipkens, Lampkin, Peterson) with the struggles Oklahoma State have had in the secondary.

      I’m not sure if it has been an athleticism problem or a scheme issue(probably a bit of both). My hope is that Knowles simplifying the defense will let the talent on the roster show more in the college game and not just after they leave campus.

      • ianaboyd

        Some of that may be that in the B12 teams attacked those guys more and harder than they do in the NFL, haha.

        The NFL also plays safeties at greater depth and can squeeze deep windows much more easily than college Ds can because the safeties are deeper, faster, better trained, and also the hash marks are narrower.

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