1. Will

    A combination of the reasons you list above seems likely. Something like leveraging the controversy to have a really good HC take a pay cut.

    It does feel like this could be the beginning of the end for Gundy at Ok. St. And from my perspective, that would be great. If he and Pickens left over the course of two years, particularly after loading up on transfers this year, the program would effectively be hitting the reset button. Fantastic news for the rest of the little 8.

    How likely do you think someone else is taking the reins in Stillwater in 2021 (fall, if the season is pushed to the spring)? And do you think, as I do, that it would be hard for a new HC to replicate Gundy’s success?

  2. It is a concern for all of us, and the pandemic has caused havoc in all our lives. Major sporting events have been stalled or cancelled due to safety concerns. There are few games being conducted in closed stadiums. I feel the safety of the players is prime. We need to keep the audiences at bay.

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