1. Clayton Davis

    “The new defensive coaches at K-State, West Virginia, and Texas Tech better study up to make sure they really know what they’re in for.”

    What about the new defensive coach at OU?

    • ianaboyd

      They should already have an idea from watching the other side of the field at practice, haha. I actually think Grinch gets it, I just don’t know if he can do it or not.

  2. Matt

    May want to consider Chanse Sylvie in the starting lineup for OU at safety also. He’s been hurt but he may finally be back to full speed. I think you’re probably right about Lott but I also wouldn’t be surprised to see J. Kelley get a role on the line. He’s very athletic as well and Grinch is no longer requiring the DL to pack on unneeded pounds so he’ll only be more athletic. Isaiah Thomas could emerge down the line too.

  3. Matt

    do you listen to Chris Simms podcast? His current one is “Chris Simms Unbuttoned” before that it was “Simms and Lefkoe.” He gives a ton of great insight into football but mostly sticks to NFL talk. He still gives a lot of great info though.

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