1. Fitz

    Thanks for this as it points to the only real area I think the defense can really improve. There’s not a proven pass rusher outside of Lynch so I don’t think there will be a material improvement in sacks/turnovers. The only viable improvement is going to come from limiting these plays and make the offense put together long drives.

    They were able to do this against OSU last year (longest play was 33 yards) and Rudolph sort of regressed back to the mean after the Texas game.

    We’ll see I guess if having the 2 freshman safties that played last year in the system for another off season will keep WRs from being able to catch TD passes as casually as shown above.

  2. Andrew


    Thanks again for the article, I always look forward to your analysis (especially for Baylor)!

    From some of my reading and video watching from pre-spring football and during spring practice, it seems to me that the defensive schemes are being dialed back or pared down some. Is that just wishful thinking or is there more to this? The other thing is now that Coach McGuire is on D, will his defensive philosophy at Cedar Hill provide Coach Snow with some important tweaks/changes to his schemes? Of so, how much change do you see and when (before, during, or towards the end of the season)?

    Also, I know Will Williams is strongly considered for LB, but if he’s good at D and we need more bodies at S, why not put him there for a year to help out while his body fills out? To me it’s a no brainer, but then again I’m not anything more than a curious fan.

    • ianaboyd

      Good questions, I don’t know all the answers to them.

      The rumor now is that Baylor will
      play more dime and they should be able to get better safety play if they simplify the scheme and base out of more inverted Tampa 2. I’ll try and read up to learn more and probably I’ll ask Rhule at media days in a couple of weeks.

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