1. Travis

    Great stuff, Ian. This is the best thing I’ve read that’s come out of media days.

    Couple of notes that should provide some further insight:

    I doubt James Lynch plays NT unless it is a passing down. The two other presumptive starters are Senior DE James Lockhart (former 4* A&M transfer, was alright last year, coaches have named him as breakout star of spring) and senior Bravion Roy, who should be the NT. Behind them are all the 6’5 sophomores and freshmen from the past couple of classes.

    Barring a serious injury to James Lynch, the DL play should at least be solid, the LB play will be good with Johnston and Blake Lynch, the corners are sneaky good, and everything hinges on the safety play. I think the real benefit of this scheme is it frees senior S Chris Miller to play as a robber closer to the LOS. Miller is a freak athlete (SPARQ 4.57 forty, 4.01 shuttle, 38 vert) who’s main fault has been bad deep angles to bring down a runner when he is the lone man left. But he is a ferocious tackler.

    Incidentally, I found this clip of Clay Johnston shining in a 3 down front against Texas: https://giphy.com/gifs/UuNZexiWVxj2UOICsM

    • ianaboyd

      I think I’d play Lynch at nose over Roy but we’ll see what else they have at DE to work with and what techniques they lean on.

      Buechele’s pocket presence was always his weak spot, but that’s a really well timed blitz.

      • Travis

        Lynch is a better NT than Roy, but Roy is one of the 3 best DL and at 6-1 330, he fits as a NT better than DE.

        • ianaboyd

          Gotta have depth. Maybe Roy plays 40 snaps a game and Lynch spends those at DE or the bench.

          The scheme and the personnel they use up front will be everything.

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